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Outdoor/Camping Access

How does the Outdoor Access kit work?

The call buttons or a doorbell with a metal attaching point can be activated to alert the products that have receivers and flashes light and a vibrating pager.

By combining a doorbell with a flashing light and a vibrating pager, a choice of alerts is provided to ensure that you can be notified when a visitor is at your front door. The flashing light plugs into the mains and flashes when the doorbell rings. The wireless pager can be carried around with you and will vibrate when somebody pushes the doorbell.

Can the Ringer Be Set to Silent?

Yes! If you would like to set it to the vibration mode only, it is possible to set the ringer to silent. This is perfect if you want to avoid a distracting noise, while still receiving an alert when someone is at the door or triggering the movement sensor.

How Easy Is the Installation for the Doorbell?

We can assure you that because the entire system is wireless, there's no need to worry about messing with wires or cables. This helps you ensure that the setup is not only quick but also best for you – you can place the chime, the pager, and the doorbell with Metal bracket wherever you need them.

What are the Benefits to carrying a Pager?

The included vibrating pager is incredibly light and discreet, weighing just 75g. It measures 90 x 55 x 18mm, making it perfect for keeping in your pocket as you walk about the house.

When the doorbell is pressed the pager will vibrate immediately, alerting you to someone at the door. The pager also features four volume levels for a sound alert as well as a vibration alert.

Can I Walk Around with the Pager?

The pager has been designed with a compact size and a range of up to 250 metres. This is the equivalent to over two football pitches. This makes it perfect for walking around your home or being in the garden at the back of the house without reducing the efficacy of the alert provided by the doorbell system.

The wireless pager can be carried around with you which will vibrate when somebody pushes the doorbell.

How Does the Flashing Chime Work?

Alongside the pager, the doorbell also includes a flashing chime. It flashes when the doorbell is pressed, giving you a visual alert as well as a physical one.

Like the pager, it also features a sound alert with four volume levels and 52 melodies to choose from, ensuring that everyone in the home can be alerted to the doorbell. The flashing chime is powered to ensure round-the-clock alerts.

Will the Doorbell Also Make a Sound?

Yes, it can be. To ensure that all members of your household can be alerted when the doorbell rings, it also includes a choice of 52 melodies with four volume levels. This makes it ideal for the whole family, as it is easy to identify which sound is responsible for a specific device and in this way becomes hearing friendly.

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