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Bluetooth and Wifi - What are the differences between them?


Bluetooth allows for short range connection between devices so they can communicate commands to each other. Wifi is different as it allows devices to connect to the internet which Bluetooth connectivity cannot do.


All of our products use Bluetooth in some way or another. For example, the Lightcube is a receiver for a call button that is a transmitter and they are connected by Bluetooth. The connection is very strong and reliable but can also cover long ranges. The setup of the devices is very easy and doesn’t need too much time. There are no wires and as previously said most devices are Bluetooth connected meaning they have the versatility for you to place them around the living space. The products are great for people who live in apartment complexes or flats even if they live on the 4th floor and need it to be connected to the basement/car park. The pager system or the 8 light hub works as a notification device where it links to all your Jenile devices via Bluetooth. It can be customised to your liking where you can choose what colour corresponds to which product or which location you would want to be notified of.

There are 4 colours that have their own meaning and you can take this into consideration when choosing the colours for your Jenile products. There is Red for emergencies and urgent things that would need your attention immediately. There is Green for the doorbell and/or call buttons. There is Blue for incoming notifications relating to things like your phone or mobile and computers. There is White for motion detection and could be used for Jenile products like Door/Window detectors or Door/Gate cameras. Using these colours efficiently can greatly upgrade your experience and make your life that much easier.

Products also have varying levels of vibration for the Deaf blind community and most meet requirements with stronger light for people with Usher Syndrome or other visual impairments. Also the sound volume can be varied to be less or more loud for deafened people. 


For all the packs we offer, we assure you that they all have the ability to connect to each other and have a great value for what it offers.


You can also look at our Gallery to see each individual product and its description for more details. We recommend looking more into the products that you would like to buy so that you know what the product does and if it’s perfect for your needs.

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