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Doorstop Crime/Bogus Callers

Doorstep crime can be very clever and sneaky in the ways they operate. They can seem kind and only willing to help but this is a clear façade once you see the holes in their story.

This is a direct quote from Police Scotland’s Website about Bogus Callers and Rogue Traders:

“Bogus callers try to get into your home or obtain personal details by pretending to be someone they’re not, including council staff, charity collectors, meter readers and police officers. In reality, they are criminals trying to steal money and valuables.

Rogue traders usually cold call, claiming to be workers offering to sell services, make repairs or carry out work on your house, garden, or driveway. In reality they charge inflated prices for shoddy or unnecessary work”.

You can find a lot of information on Police Scotland’s Website on how to avoid and protect yourself from Doorstep Crime. On the website, there is also a helpful video in BSL in case you don’t understand the information in text . In this post, we are going to focus on how Assistive Technology is the safest way for the deaf communities to protect themselves. The range of products CCC offers makes sure that for every single way your home could be protected stays protected. For example, we have detectors and motion sensors that can be placed in a number of places around your house. This guarantees to put your mind at rest and assure yourself that your house is safe and keeps any harm away.

About bogus callers, we have cameras that record and store videos and can be used to show that there is evidence of someone breaking in. A usual story can be that they will make you go get something inside the house and in the meanwhile they will take whatever they can get from your hallway shelf and anything of value. However, it could be a different story with no camera and no evidence and could end with nothing happening even if you tell the police. Using our products at CCC means that you will have something to show the police and credit your story.

Our products at CCC prove more useful than ever as you can also have a multitude of ways being able to use them just as much outside as inside. Again, our products use Bluetooth connection instead of a Wifi connection and have a fantastic range so if you had been outside in the garden and the doorbell is going, you would still be notified from your pager or other receiver devices you may have. The adaptability that CCC devices have, means that even if you were camping outdoors, you can attach the product to any kind of surface vertical or horizontal and ensures that you are protected while camping. Just buying CCC products in general means that the flexibility of wherever you might go in terms of location or time can be fully backed with safety.Add media to your posts

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