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About Us

Enrique Canton, Owner of Canton Core Company Ltd & Hassen Chaeib, Owner of Jenile International.

Enrique with Jenile Founder Picture.jpg

My name is Enrique Canton and I'm the founder and director of Canton Core Company LTD.

Throughout my life I've seen what is, or isn't, available to those who are deaf, hard of hearing and deafblind and that inspired me to make a difference.

Canton Core Company was founded to address the everyday challenges we face and strives to improve our standards of living by supplying products and services that keep true to our aim.

We have recently begun working with the innovative French assistive technology firm, Jenile, to supply the UK with their outstanding products.

Boasting unparalleled connectivity and ease of use, Jenile's innovation makes the bundles of poorly-connected various brands and products a thing of the past.

We are all about keeping the Deaf communities updated with what we are doing, we want to have that bond with local authorities and public services and make it one of our top priorities. 
To do that, we make it a routine to visit the local deaf clubs and communities so that we give more awareness that products like what we have exist and can make the daily struggle for deaf and deaf blind people smaller in so many ways. 

We are constantly looking to improve and develop what is currently available, whether that's the products we supply or the services we offer. We keep in mind that what people want, simplicity, is what works.

Enrique Canton & Clare Canton at a presentation showing off Jenile Products to the deaf community.

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