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The specialists of assistive technologies for the deaf and hard of hearing.


Official Distribution of Assistive Technology Products combined
with Innovative projects for all
who face barriers in day to day
life in the United Kingdom. ​

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About Us

My name is Enrique Canton and I'm the founder and director of Canton Core Company LTD.

Throughout my life I've seen what is, or isn't, available to those who are deaf, hard of hearing and deafblind and that inspired me to make a difference.

Canton Core Company was founded to address the everyday challenges we face and strives to improve our standards of living by supplying products and services that keep true to our aim.

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Everyone deserves to live with peace of mind.

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As your needs are our priority, we have ensured these products are practical and simple to use.

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Being safe is a universal right and bring convenience into your home with our range of products.


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Our products are currently being sold from 5% to 15% off! This offer will only run for a limited amount of time so get it while you can!

Here is our brand new connected flash alarm clock 100% accessible deaf &deafblind. people.

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When you shop with us, you have the option to buy a bulk order which means when you buy more, you will get a discount in price! Perfect for groups or companies needing a large amount of Jenile products at the one time.

We have the device to suit your every need.

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"I have this travel pack, it very good & worth for travellers, holidays or on cruises. Its door bell also an alarm clock give strong flashing & vibrates woke me up no problem".

Deaf from Aberdeen

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