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Light cube CBM14

Light cube CBM14


Light Cube

The unit centralises various message types with each of its 4 colours* assigned to an alert. It's possible to adjust the alert for maximum comfort. This, along with its compactness, makes for a very useful item! ​ ​

Light cube CBM19

Technical Specifications:
Easy and simple installation
Wireless Rechargeable battery
Dimensions (height x width x depth):  8,8 x 9,2 x 4,3 cm
Weight: 171,5 g
Distance between each detector: 200m maximum in free fields 

Colours: White

Quantity of connected products : 20 units max.
Charge voltage must be limited to 4,2V
Adjust Cube Light: 30/60/90 secondes
Standby current: <4.5 mA
Operating current: <800 mA
Transmission frequency: 433Mhz
Power supply: 3.7V 2200mAh Lithium Battery included
Autonomy: 2 weeks/1 month (depending of the use)
Distance between the transmitters and the cube light: 200 meters maximum in free fields
Decoding format : MCU
2-years guarantee (Battery 1 year)

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